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Oil Cooler Heater Option


We are the FIRST and ONLY preheater company to offer a heating element on the oil cooler.


If you allow enough engine preheating time (overnight) a heating element on the oil cooler is not needed because everything in the engine compartment, including the oil cooler, will be heated by the engine heater through conduction and convection (assuming the cowl is sealed and insulated with a blanket).  However, if you are the type of user who will plug the preheat system in for just a short time, especially in very cold conditions, then adding a heating element to the oil cooler is a good idea to help avoid the problems described below.




Can be added to any of our preheat systems.

Includes one 25 watt aluminum heating element (4" x 1" x 1/8"), epoxy, and wire harness to permit plugging into the main harness of any of our Standard, Turbo, or Turbo XP engine preheat systems.

If your aircraft has more than one oil cooler, you will need to order a kit for each oil cooler. Also order a splitter P/N Y ($10) to provide an extra powered connector to plug into.

If you intend to use this with the HotStrip Oil Sump Heater System (without the cylinder heater kit), also order a splitter P/N Y to provide an extra powered connector to plug into.



Why would you want a heater on the oil cooler?  Read these articles discussing the need to preheat the oil cooler as well as the engine, and what can happen when you don't...

FYI: Common Oil Cooler Woes, early detection and prevention by Pacific Oil Cooler Service

Finding the right balance - Stabilizing your aircraft's oil system by Steve Ells, courtesy of AOPA Pilot magazine

Valve Care by Steve Ells, courtesy of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.  



This oil cooler was blown apart by excessive oil pressure due to insufficient preheating.

Hopefully this fellow was still on the ground, not too far from home, AND he noticed the loss of oil pressure before trashing his engine.

How much do you suppose it cost to fix this?

A good preheat system is probably a lot less!!



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Last updated 3/13/2017