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HotBand Cylinder Heater System

U.S. Patent 6,232,577

FAA-PMA Approved

HotBand System

50 watt band heaters clamp around the cylinders.  

There is no oil sump heater.

System may be used alone or with any pre-existing oil sump heater.

HotBand XP System is the same as above except uses 100 watt elements

Oil Cooler Heater Option





A big advantage of our system is that it is non-invasive.  All our parts are installed "on" the engine.  Nothing is installed inside the engine, and you do not need to remove any OEM parts or replace any OEM parts with our parts.  For example, one competitor's system replaces the OEM intake manifold bolts with their own heated bolts.  These are simply hollowed out bolts with heating elements epoxied into the hollowed out core.  Or they replace rocker cover gaskets with their own heated gasket.  As a general design philosophy we feel it is safer not to replace parts that were installed by the engine manufacturer, especially critical structural parts like bolts.


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Last updated 10/23/09