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Half mesh style hat with adjustable headband. Wearing this hat around your airport lets everyone know you are smart because you know how to treat your engine right.






Below are several items that some customers find useful. We don't sell these items but some links are provided to other sources for your convenience. We have no relationship with them, financial or otherwise.



FLUSH PLUG - Our harnesses are supplied with durable molded on AC plugs. A few customers prefer a plug mounted to the airframe. There are many such products that can be purchased inexpensively from other sources. For the convenience of our customers we have two examples linked below. We do not endorse them. You have sole responsibility for determining the suitablility of these items for installation on your aircraft. If you install it on a certificated aircraft you may need to obtain a FAA Form 337 Field Approval.

NOCO GCP1 AC Port Plug with Extension Cord

Marinco 150BBI AC Port Plug






LIGHTED PLUG - Male/female AC plug with an internal LED light.  Just add it to your extension cord (either end) to indicate that power is on to your preheat system. You can also get an extension cord with built-in lighted plug.




























COWLING COVERS: We recommend an insulated engine cover when using our preheat systems. Using a cover dramatically improves the performance of an engine heater. A test by one of our customers showed that the engine temperature rise with a cover was 52% higher than the rise without a cover. (Read about this test by going to Articles. See "In Search of Optimal Preheating - Part 1")

Without sealing and insulating the engine compartment, much of the heat will escape to the air and be wasted, just like if you try to bake something with the oven door open.  A cover will also help retain engine heat for several hours after shutdown, making it unnecessary to preheat on short layovers. Another benefit of a cover is to help the engine preheater heat everything in the engine compartment uniformly, which makes condensation less likely.

Custom covers fitted for your aircraft are available from several sources. These are best for outside use since they tie to the aircraft so the wind won't blow them off. But if you hangar your aircraft, an expensive custom made cover is not necessary.  All you need is what we use... a Queen size bed quilt we bought at a second hand store for $3.  Or get a moving blanket, sleeping bag, or any thick blanket laid over the top of the cowling and left hanging down the sides, and tucked over the prop blades, hub, and air inlets. 

Here is an idea from Henry Fiorentini, President of the Midwest Bonanza Society:

"Horse blankets. Darn cheap and perfect.  The prop comes out where the horses’ tail normally would and the flank covers make perfect cowl cover flaps.  I bought mine shown at SSTACK.com. I bought the Dura Tech Viking Turnout Blanket X-Midweight, size 84 for about $70 plus shipping and tax. It’s perfect.  And it comes in different colors."



PROP COVERS: These help prevent loss of heat through the blades, which can be substantial. Think of your aluminum prop blades as big cooling fins. A customer has run tests and reports that the temperature of his preheated engine is 10o F warmer with prop and spinner covers than without. You can buy fancy ones, or some customers just cut the legs off snow pants and glue or sew one end closed.







REMOTE CONTROL - These make using your preheater a lot more convenient, saving you mulitple trips to the hangar to plug in the system before each flight.

One type uses the cellular phone network. Available from various sources but we suggest you look at these, they are made in the USA, not China ... FST

Another type uses WIFI rather than the cell phone network. Don't have WIFI in your hangar? Leave your iPad in your hangar setup as a hotspot.

Here is some advice from a local EAA'er friend of ours:

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Point
Sent: Sunday, April 2, 2017 2:48 PM
To: Bob Reiff
Subject: New switch for heaters


Here is the new switch that I was describing last week.


The list price is $39.99 but you can get it for $29.99 at Best Buy or on Amazon.  It works much like the cell phone switch that I bought from you several years ago and have been using ever since. This one does not use a cell sim card so that expense is eliminated.  It does require wifi connection to the internet.  I realize that most people do not have wifi in their hangars (me included.)  However, many of us are now flying with iPads or other tablets than can function as a wifi hot spot.

I have an iPad mini that I use for Foreflight, and when not flying I leave it in the hangar plugged in to the charger.  I simply turn on the wifi broadcast and leave it on- the Wemo switch connects using that signal (after a simple one-time configuration process.)  You can manually turn it on/ off using a free simple app from Belkin, and you can also schedule it to run on certain times/ days.  The data usage is minuscule, and if you are worried about your hangar neighbor stealing your wifi signal- keep in mind that it can be password protected and probably should be.

I've been using this setup all winter and it has worked flawlessly, and at far less cost than the cell phone switch and having to buy a new sim card each winter.




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Updated 10/28/2017