"Long Engine Life Starts With Reiff"

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Message to OEM's

Engine preheating is mandatory for any piston aircraft operated in cold weather, particularly the northern half of the US.  Your customers are aware of that fact and we sell many systems to owners of brand new aircraft.  Many of these customers express to us that they would prefer to have the system installed at the factory when the airplane is built, as a matter of convenience, rather than having it installed as an aftermarket item by their aircraft dealer or local mechanic.  They prefer to buy their airplane "turnkey".

Offering our system as a factory installed option or standard equipment will benefit you, the manufacturer.  How?

Currently our systems are available as factory installed optional equipment on Cirrus, Mooney, Aviat Aircraft, and American Champion.    

We would be happy to talk to you about this. Contact Robert Reiff, President

              262-593-5292 or Sales@ReiffPreheat.com           


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Last updated 1/11/09