Reiff Preheat Systems announces new oil sump heater


Preheating extends the life of an expensive aircraft engine by reducing the wear and tear caused by cold starts. 

In 1996 Reiff introduced the unique HotBand cylinder heat system, which works with any oil sump heater. 

They now announce their newest innovation - the HotStrip oil sump heater thatís thin and lightweight like a silicone pad, but made of steel for maximum durability. It also installs faster with a high tech thermally conductive epoxy that heat cures in just a few minutes by plugging in the heater. It is available as either an independent system or as part of a new integrated HotBand-HotStrip system. 

For silicone pad fans, they continue to offer their line of HotPad oil sump heaters as well as battery heaters and insulated engine covers.  

For further information, visit the companyís web site at , call them at 262-968-2342, or E-mail them at



The HotStrip element is 4" x 1.5" x 1/8" and only 2 ounces