January 25, 1999

Reiff Preheat Systems extends warranty

After three years of production of its unique HotBandd Cylinder Heating System and seven years of production of its HotPadd Oil Sump Heaters, Reiff Preheat Systems has doubled its warranty to two years - the longest in the industry.

According to Bob Reiff, the company’s owner, the warranty extension is justified based on extensive, favorable experience with about 12,000 units in the field. “The excellent track record to date enables us to provide this additional benefit to our customers.“, said Reiff. “Our electric engine heating systems have proven to be popular with individual aircraft owners, flight schools, aeronautical universities, charter operators, State and Federal fish & game departments and aviation departments, and bush pilots - anyone who wants easier winter starting and reduced wear and tear on their engines from cold starting.”, Reiff said.

For further information, visit the company’s web site at www.ReiffPreheat.com, call them at 262-968-2342, or E-mail them at Sales@ReiffPreheat.com.