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All WT-9005 and WT-1673 should be limited to 900 watts maximum. If your unit is labeled as "Maximum 1800 watts" replace the fuse with an 8A fuse, and re-mark the switch "Maximum 900 watts"

Failure to follow these instructions may result in failure of your unit, and possibly create a fire hazard.




Witura WT-1673 Cellular Remote Control for Preheater


Control your preheater remotely by phone, for about $3 per month.

No more driving to the airport to plug in your preheater.






Download User Manual



A SIM card activated for a cellular service plan is required but not included with this unit.

(see "Cellular Service" below)



The best way to use our preheat systems is to plug them in 10-12 hours before a flight. Some folks avoid the drive to the airport by letting the preheater run continuously between flights. This wastes electricity ($20 to $70 per month depending on the system) and often causes worry about whether that's bad for the engine.

This remote control solves all those issues and quickly pays for itself at a price anyone can afford... only $3 per month.

This device uses the cell phone network to give you wireless remote control of your preheat system by calling or texting it from any phone. We have been using one for a while now and have become impressed with it because it makes our preheat system much more convenient to use. In fact, we think ALL of our preheater customers should have one, so we use our buying power to buy them in bulk at a large discount, and pass the saving on as a special service to our preheater customers to help you get better use from your Reiff preheat system.


Uses the cellular phone network to give you remote control of your engine preheater

A free call from any phone to your switch's phone number turns your preheater on. Calling it again will turn it off. The switch can be set to automatically send you a text (UNIT ON or UNIT OFF) confirming your phone command was executed. This minimizes your service charges because only one text is required to get confirmation, not two as other units require.

LED lights show status of the switch (ON or OFF) and network connection

Security functions specify the administrator who is allowed to make changes to the password and settings, and phone numbers that are authorized to send on/off commands. This prevents inadvertent activation by telemarketers, etc.

Power interruption alarm feature sends administrator a text if power is lost, or restored.

Switch status (on or off) and cell network signal strength can be checked at any time by sending a text inquiry

900 watt capacity. Works with 120-240 volts AC

Free smartphone APPs for Android & Apple

90 day warranty

Weather resistant enclosure



Cellular Service

A SIM card (full size, or Micro or Nano with an adapter) activated for a GSM cellular service plan is required but not included with this unit. The SIM card allows your switch to communicate on the cell phone network just like a cell phone does. The SIM card has a unique phone number assigned to it. This is the number you call or text to communicate with your switch. When you obtain the SIM card, it is easy to plug into a slot inside the case (see "HOW TO INSTALL THE SIM CARD" below).

In the US, T-Mobile is the only GSM carrier that provides reliable service with this remote control, assuming you are in a T-Mobile coverage area. See here to check this... http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-coverage . If the switch, i.e. your hangar, is not in a T-Mobile coverage area, DO NOT BUY IT - IT WILL NOT WORK.

The remote control will not work with a SIM that uses the CDMA network. See here for more info ... GSM vs. CDMA cellular networks

We recommend you get a T-Mobile SIM with a plan such as the Prepaid Pay-As-You-Go Plan: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/pay-as-you-go-plans

This plan (available only in the USA) costs as little as $10 each 3 months, or $3.33 per month. If you don’t want to have to remember to refresh the balance every 3 months, you can prepay a longer period.

Under this plan, texts sent to or from the cell switch cost 10 cents each and are deducted from your account balance. Phone calls to the switch are free because it doesn't answer.

If your balance gets low, you must add more money to it. If it goes to zero, after a month or two the SIM card will be de-activated and you will need to obtain a new one. To add more money to your T-Mobile account, go to their web site or call 800 866 2453.



USA customers can obtain the SIM card at low or no cost directly from T-Mobile, 440 238 5347 . A real live, English speaking American will answer and take your order. Tell them you need it activated with the Prepaid Pay-As-You-Go Plan, and you need the PIN and voice mail disabled. We do not recommend trying to get a SIM from your local T-Mobile store, because they probably won't be familiar with this device. The folks at the number above are knowledgable.



From: Jeff P
Sent: February 24, 2014
To: Reiff Preheat Systems
Subject: SIM

I didn't bother with the voicemail and PIN issues and it didn't seem to make a difference.  The unit works just fine, when I call it, it rings once, then hangs up and the switch switches. 

To buy online, I just went to the T-Mobile Pay as you go site:


You can buy the SIM right off the website for $10.  Shipping was free and it took 4 days to arrive.  Once it arrived, it came with a website to go to in order to activate.  At the activation website, it asks you for three details- the SIM card serial number, the activation code (which comes with the SIM card) and the IMEI number from the "phone" which is printed on the big chip inside the unit.  You'll have the cover off to insert the SIM card anyway so write that number down when you do.

After you input these three numbers, it asks you if you want to port an old number or be assigned a new one (I took a new one), then it asks for your personal information and credit card.  You pick your plan (I did the $10 Pay as you go plan, good for 90 days) and that's it.  I put the SIM card in the unit and plugged it in before I started the process, and by the time I put my Mastercard back in my wallet and programmed the number into my phone, it was up and running.  Pretty painless and I never spoke to a human being, other than to call my wife into the room to show her my new toy.

You are responsible for obtaining and installing the SIM yourself, and do some set-up (define the authorized user list, etc). We do not have any staff available to do this for you. This device is intended for tech savvy "do it yourselfers". If this does not describe you, you should spend more and get a "turn key" unit with a pre-installed SIM and has the set up programming done for you.


Technical Support

The answers to virtually all questions we receive can be found in the User Manual or on this web page, such as "HOW TO OBTAIN A T-MOBILE SIM CARD" (see "Cellular Service" above), and "HOW TO INSTALL THE SIM CARD" below.

If you need further assistance contact us. Do not contact Witura as they terminated service to our customers when we dropped their product.






Q: Do you have an APP to control the switch?

A: Yes, free APP's are available for Apple and Android. However, the switch is very simple to use without an APP. Put your remote control's phone number into your cell phone address book or speed dial with the name "PREHEATER SWITCH" or something similar. When you call the switch it turns your preheater on, and sends you a text "UNIT ON" so you have confirmation that it went on. Call the switch again and it turns your preheater off, and sends you a text "UNIT OFF". What's easier than that?

Some people are under the mistaken belief that an APP adds functions to the switch. It does not. All functions are built into the switch and are controlled by phoning or texting it. The APP is simply an additional user interface on your phone enabling you to use the functions (such as turning it on and off) by pushing buttons rather than calling or texting it.


Q: How does it install on the aircraft?

A: It doesn't. You plug the switch into your wall outlet, and plug your preheater extension cord into the outlet on the switch.


Q: Will it work with any cell phone?

A: Yes, you can activate it with any phone including a land line.


Q: My preheat system is another brand, not Reiff. Will it work with my preheat system?

A: Yes.


Q: Why was this item discontinued?

A: Two reasons. 1) The manufacturer's quality standards are not compatible with ours. 2) The tech support demands were beyond our ability to provide. Because a remote control improves the convenience of using our preheat systems, we wanted to provide our customers a service by providing them with this item at wholesale cost, with the proviso that it's a DIY product with tech support provided by the manufacturer. However customers often preferred to call us for tech support, and we do not have the expertise or the staff resources to take care of them adequately. It became too much of a distraction from our main business, so we dropped it. Customers who want a remote control can obtain one from other suppliers.


Q: Can you recommend another remote control?

A: These are the best and are made in USA, not China ... FST






What you get from T-Mobile. Looks like a credit card.

The SIM must be either the full size version, or the Micro SIM or Nano SIM with an adapter.



Push the SIM out



Remove the cover from the enclosure. Find the black SIM holder thingy.

Note, your circuit board may not appear exactly as photo shows.

Notice the OPEN and LOCK labels with arrows.

Unlock the cap by GENTLY sliding it in the direction of the OPEN arrow (UP in photo).



GENTLY open the cap as shown here, like a little hinged door.



Slide SIM into slotted cap.

Notice the SIM has one corner nipped off, it will only fit one way.




(GENTLY) Close cap and slide it to the LOCK position.

If it doesn't close easily re-align the SIM. DO NOT FORCE IT or it may break. If it breaks the unit is junk as it cannot be replaced easily.

That's all there is to it. If the SIM is activated the switch will work now.



The info below is from one of our customers, Jim K. Our switch works fine in our hangar with a signal strength of 5-7, so we have not used this ourselves...


"Here's the dual band antenna I purchased from Amazon. I'm using a T-Mobile SIM card and was getting a signal strength of about 3/31 with the hangar door open and zero with the door closed. With this antenna attached to the unit and simply placed on the metal roof of the hangar the signal strength went to 16/31. It would certainly save your customers lots of foot work finding an exterior antenna if you would put this link on your web page."

Consider it done...



Wilson Electronics Dual Band - 800-1900 MHz Magnet Mount Antenna with SMA Male Connector and 10-Foot RG174 Coax Cable

Wilson Electronics Dual Band - 800-1900 MHz Magnet Mount Antenna with SMA Male Connector and 10-Foot RG174 Coax Cable





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