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Message to FBO's, A&P's, and engine shops

Your customers have a choice where to go for aircraft maintenance. If you want to keep your customers, you have to help them save money.  We can help you do that.  Here's how.

Engine preheating is mandatory for any piston aircraft operated in cold weather.  Failure to do so can have very expensive consequences.  Many aircraft owners, your customers, are aware of that fact and we sell a lot of our systems directly to them.  Many of these customers learn about us from our ads, word of mouth, our web site, or magazine articles.  They do their own research into the various systems on the market, reach their own conclusion about which is best, and call us.

However, many aircraft owners have no knowledge of the importance of preheating.  As his mechanic, you have the opportunity to educate that owner about preheating and why our system is best.  You deserve to be compensated for this sales effort, and you will be. 

When you do annuals, repairs, pre-buy inspections, engine overhauls or remans, etc. if you see that there is no preheat system installed take advantage of the opportunity to educate him about the need to preheat, and about our systems.  In addition to the commission and installation labor, you will benefit in other ways.  How?

Perhaps you are reluctant to try us because you have no experience with our system and you've been selling and installing competitive systems for a long time.  We understand it is human nature to stick with what is familiar.  But we've been in the business since 1992 and our systems are well proven.  They are also about 40% less expensive than our main competitor.  Keep in mind your customers have a choice where to go for aircraft maintenance.  If all you offer is the high priced system, you may lose customers.  If you offer them our time proven system that also saves them a lot of money, you will keep a happy customer.

If you are reluctant to try our system because you are unfamiliar with it, try it and you will be impressed with it.  We have many regular FBO customers who tried us and switched.  Why do they switch?  See customer comments.  We hear repeatedly that ours is easier to install, does not interfere with the engine analyzer CHT's or Lasar System, and is well built so is not maintenance intensive.  With our system it is not necessary to tie up hundreds of dollars of your money in a "Technician's Kit" of common replacement parts and special tools needed to keep the system running.  In fact, ongoing maintenance was the main reason cited by the US Dept of Interior for replacing the competitor's system with ours on their fleet of 60 aircraft in Alaska.

Speaking of tying up your money, with our system it is practical and economical to maintain your own in-house inventory.  With only 4 systems on your shelf, you can fit any Lycoming or Continental at a moments notice, and 2 systems will fit about 80% of the engines.  Try that with our competitor's system... you would need a good size stock room (and bank account) since they have 141 different systems to fit the same engines.

Of course, it is not necessary for you to maintain an inventory for short notice or AOG jobs, because we have same day shipping.  With UPS Next Day Air you can have it as early as 8 AM the next morning.  We maintain our systems on the shelf, assembled and ready to ship.  We don't build them up when you order and make you wait days or weeks.        

Some shops have told us they don't advocate our system because they make more money selling the other brand.  It's easy to see why...theirs costs up to 3 times ours, so X% commission means 3 times the profit.  However, we feel that is shortsighted thinking by those FBO's.  The FBO who acts in the best interest of his customers is also acting in his own best interest because he will assure himself their business, goodwill, and referrals for years to come.  On the other hand, when your customer finds out you sold him a $1200 system when he could have had a better system for less than half that (how is that possible?), he may become your disgruntled ex-customer and spread the word to your other customers.

Besides, if you push ours instead you will likely sell a lot more systems.  You won't make as much on each system but your total profit from commission and installation labor could easily be more.

Yes, we could charge $1200 also and give the FBO a bigger profit, but we feel that doing what's best for the aircraft owner will pay off in the long run and so far we have not been disappointed.  We think you will have the same results.

We would be happy to talk to you. Contact Robert Reiff, President

              262-593-5292 or Sales@ReiffPreheat.com           


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Last updated 1/11/09